Neurographica Advanced I Online Course

3/10/17 October 2020

Neurographica Advanced I 

Exclusive course for participants of a Basic Course or Nerographica Specialists who want to advance their study and application of Neurographica.

9 hours (3 sessions)

3. / 10. / 17. October (3 Saturdays)
10:00 – 13:00 CEST 

Learning Objectives:

  • Leverage Neurographica more fully
  • Apply additional Neurographica Algorithms for your own personal and professional development 
  • Use a broader base of Neurographica models with your clients (only for Neurographica Specialists with the respective certificate from IKP)

Course Content:

An extract of material covered in the Instructor Course (not offered in English). 

Discover the fundamentals of three Neurographica Algorithms

  • Modeling in Neurographica:
    Correct use of the Neurographica language. Composition of realities. Mastery of shapes and structure.
  • Neuromandala:
    Neurographica with and within geometry. Harmonization and clarity.
  • Neurographica of Communications:
    Private and business relationships between individuals. Conflict resolution. Harmonization and development.
  • Repetition of the seven steps of the Basic Algorithm
  • Live-revision of drawings
  • Intensive depeloment of an own topic (Case)
  • Neurographica – applications for everyday life

Tuition Fee: 

250 € – Advanced I Course
290 € – Advanced I Course PLUS (includes 30 minutes of 1:1 coaching)

BONUS:  You pay for the course once and can participate in all future Advanced I Courses.


A4 paper (min. 120g recommended)
A3 paper (min. 120g recommended)
Drawing pad
Black felt-tip pens in different widths (fineliner, 1 mm, broad markers)
Crayons (and sharpener)