NeuroGraphica® Specialist
Online Course

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NeuroGraphica® Specialist Online Course with Certification

You want to leverage the power of NeuroGraphica® with your clients? The certificate “NeuroGraphica® Specialist” will allow you to use NeuroGraphica® models in your own work.

13 hours (4 sessions)

This course is for you if you:

  • are planning to expand your toolbox of development methods
  • are looking for new ways of self -knowledge, -optimization and -fulfillment
  • are interested in awakening your own creative potential as well as that of others
  • want to have a new tool to create harmony within you and with others
  • want to be part of an exciting community and connect with new and interesting people
  • are ready to expand your options to help yourself and others

Course objectives:

    • Introduction to the method of NeuroGraphica®
    • Learning the professional skills to leverage NeuroGraphica®
    • Certification, which entitles you to apply NeuroGraphica® in your profession


    Course Content:

    • Basic assumptions and theoretical foundations of the method: Analytical psychology, Gestalt therapy and Neuropsychology
    • NeuroGraphica® line, the alphabet and patterns to visually integrate individual parts in a drawing
    • Basic algorithm, model “intention check”
    • Coaching models: “NeuroTree”, “TRUE”, “Quality of life”, “SCORE”, and “Blue Ocean”
    • Rights and restrictions on the status of Specialist
    • Online supervision of the participants’ work
    • Intervision between participants
    • Membership in a private NeuroGraphica® Specialist Facebook group

    Side effects:

    • New knowledge and skills, expansion of your professional competence
    • Increasing energetical, social and intellectual potential
    • Being part of a new, exciting community

     On the one hand, the course participants learn thorough drawing techniques and on the other hand, they learn how to deal with the psychological aspect of the drawings. They gain unique skills in composition, psychology, sociology, neuroesthetics and coaching.

    This is a very special course. Take your chance and participate!


    Course fee:

    For Certified Basic Course Participants:       740 €

    The prerequisite for participation is a Neurographica® Basic Course certificate which enables you to master the alphabet and grammar of Neurographica®, in particular the Basic Algorithm and the 1st algorithm (Lifting Inner Constraints).

    If you book both Basic and Specialist Course at once, you can save €50 and get both at €870!

    Specialist C­­ertificate:

    All participants can receive a NeuroGraphica® Specialist Certificate. As such, they have to sign an agreement with the IKP and submit the requested work for certification within one month after completion of the course.



    Who can benefit from this specialist course?

    All those who help other people to transform.

    All those interested in personal change.

    All those who manage teams and departments.

    All those who work in the area of HR.

    All those who help others in the therapeutic field.



    A4 paper (min. 120g recommended)
    A3 paper (min. 120g recommended)
    Drawing pad
    Black felt-tip pens in different widths (fineliner, 1 mm, broad markers)
    Crayons (and sharpener)


    If you would like to start using NeuroGraphica with your clients, click the button below and send me your name and address. Once I receive your payment of the course fee, you can start with the recordings immediately.