NeuroGraphica® Basic Course – Online
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NeuroGraphica® Basic Course


You get immediate access to recordings from five basic courses and can start anytime and work at your own speed. Each recorded basic course is about 8 hours.

Live Sessions:

As a Basic Course participant, you can also join live sessions to ask questions and get a live supervision of your drawings. Sessions are scheduled based on demand. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduction to the method of neurographica
  • Safe and independent application of the NeuroGraphica® Algorithm #1 and its variations on any topic 

Course Content:

  • Short introduction to the theory of NeuroGraphica®
  • The seven steps of the Basic Algorithm
  • Algorithm #1: overcome internal restrictions
  • Variations of Algorithm #1
  • Live-revision of drawings
  • Intensive depeloment of an own topic (Case)
  • NeuroGraphica® – applications for everyday life

Tuition Fee: 

180 € – Basic Course

Special offer: Book the Basic and Specialist Course at once and get a discount of €50,- for the Basic Course.

You pay for the course once, get access to the recordings immediately, and can participate in all future live sessions.

Materials needed:
Drawing pad A3
10 sheets of A4 paper (copy paper or drawing pad)
Black felt-tip pens in different widths (fineliner, 1 mm, broad Eddings)
Colored Pencils (and sharpener)

 To participate, click the button below and send an email including your name and address and the course option you would like to select: