Neurographica Offer

for corporate customers

Team Workshops

After a short introduction to the Neurographica method, your team will work together on a relevant topic.

Examples of topics include:
– Improved team communication
– Achieving team goals together
– Teambuilding – creating a complete work of art together

Can be done in cooperation with other coaches, such as Melanie Sichelschmidt.

Seminar and Course

The participants work in group on their individual topics using a common Neurographica model.

Examples of topics include:

  • Calm down: a Neurographica way to cope with stress
  • Solving conflicts and seeing new perspectives
  • Effective time management

Can be done in cooperation with other experts.

Individual Couchings

We work intensively on your current topic in individual coaching sessions.

Examples of topics include:

  • Stress management: finding peace in the storm
  • Ways to the goal: define goals and recognize resources
  • Conflict management: identifying and solving potential conflicts.