Take New Paths.“

Take New Paths

Only someone who takes new a path can reach a new goal. Your presence here already shows that you have the necessary openness and curiosity to discover these new paths.

With pen, paper, NeuroGraphica®, and my support, you’ll find the right way to your goal. With me, you’ll discover the wonderful secrets of trust-based communication with your animal, the Trust Technique®.


A piece of paper, a set of pens, circles, and lines.
Do they help to recognize and change thought patterns?
Do they make you more successful and therefore more relaxed?
Do they support new habits and manners?


Exactly that and even more has already happened.

Daily. For thousands of people. Worldwide.

Try it out for yourself!

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More Information
Immediate Help for Relaxation

The circle is the archetypical symbol of harmony, safety, and relaxation. Do this short activity with me and you will notice your tension subsiding in the blink of an eye.

Trust Technique®

Thanks to the Trust Technique® you can forge an even deeper relationship with your animal. The mutual trust between animal and man is likewise strengthened, as well as your self-confidence. The result of which is the wonderful opportunity of mutual living stemming not from dominance and fear but rather understanding and trust.


Define new goals, find new paths, and confidently pursue these paths. Professionally AND personally. That is the secret of my successful life. And, what do your goals and paths look like? I’ll gladly explore them with you.

The SinnSTIFTerin

A former colleague of mine likes to refer to me as a jack of all trades. I call myself the SinnSTIFTerin, a combination of german words meaning a mental counselor with a pen.

Alongside my expansive professional experience in the field of IT-Management I’ve always had an interest in animals, languages, the sciences, and health and nutrition topics.

My biggest passion is to discover and pass on new things. Especially if those new things are feasible and effective such as with my visual-based coaching methods, NeuroGraphica® and the life-changing Trust Technique®.

In doing these things, I am not in the center of attention; rather, you are. Share your questions with me and I’ll solve them together with you.

What My Customers Say

“Mrs. Schickinger is an expert – solution-oriented and always constructive

“She thinks outside-of-the-box and approaches things directly

“She has the ability to empathize with various situations in order to support and motivate others”

“She has a pragmatic approach for every problem or question, she listens, observes, and asks the right questions—all of which with a lot of empathy

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