Found this article which highlights a silver lining that we can draw from the pandemic: the ability to manage better. The pandemic allows for new opportunities to arise, and the article focuses on these new opportunities focused on people and what they are capable of.

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Also, it was adapted from a McKinsey article, so the full information should be here:

Dear class,

I found a really interesting article about how leadership needs to change summed up in four imperatives:

– Rethink the art of the possible

– move from managing to enabling

– harness the full power of tech

– translate purpose into action


failing is nothing bad but can be something useful. how can we develop partnerships within the environment and create something greater instead of always competing? the required skills may change.

It is needed to take advantage of the technology and complement it with humans and use the potential of both.

The purpose is also here key (Start with why has been mentioned also in today’s class).

In a world with a lot of technological opportunities, people still require human beings with human characteristics.


Have fun reading this article 🙂

How the pandemic can change workplace culture for the better


“These sudden changes can prompt leaders to replace the implicit messages sent in an office with explicit direction communicated remotely. Leaders can set more context and provide more guidance at the beginning of a task or project. These leaders may need more frequent check-ins to see how they can support their people in moving forward. Most of all, leaders can build trust. They can give their people the space to take ownership of their jobs and allow them to complete their work how they think is best. Overly close management within an office can be counterproductive. Remotely it may not even be possible. Now is the time for empowerment.”

Leadership styles of the future: How COVID-19 shapes leadership beyond the crisis