New ways with Coaching

“I thought I saw a picture of you coaching and you were sitting in front of your computer?”

Several friends who have seen my website before asked me this question.

The answer is yes, my coaching is very often done via video. In cooperation with CoachHub, my consultation was even exclusively digital.

Throughout my professional life, about 90% of my trainings, coaching sessions, and customer meetings took place on phones or via video conferences. These experiences have taught me to understand non-verbal communication in these situations well.


For intensive work on topics with Neurographica it is an advantage if I am able to be in the same space as you. Experience shows that my physical presence helps you uncover and solve much deeper-seated issues in your topic.

Additionally, in working with your animal, close physical cooperation is very helpful because I can then show you the Trust Technique® directly with your animal.

It also applies here: even if you don’t live near Munich, you will benefit from a digital appointment in any case.

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Recognizing New Perspectives Through the Right Questions and Stimuli.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is on everybody’s lips these days but there is no universal definition.

For me, coaching is a wonderful opportunity to open up a new perspective for my client through appropriate questions and stimuli. These new perspectives reveal new options yet undreamt-of and these possibilities make new pathways to success visible and traversable.

In this process, you are the customer. You are knowledgeable. You know best about your own life and your own situation, your challenges, and your goals.

I see my role as coach as one to ask you questions and thereby open up new perspectives, new opportunities, and new paths. I am able to support you in changing your point of view and thereby recognizing new paths and solutions.

Due to my very diversified and long-standing experience, I have previously worked with clients on various topics. Possibly, you are thinking about some of the same topics, such as:


  • How can I communicate better?
  • How can I increase my productivity?
  • How can I motivate my employees?
  • How can I react with more self-confidence?
  • How can I do justice to both my job and my family?
  • What can I do if I am stuck on a problem instead of a solution?

Together we will examine all facets of your current problem. And if, in the course of our discussion, we are confronted with other topics on which you desire further intervention or that I suggest to you as the most effective path, we can use additional tools such as Neurographica, tools from the NLP, systematic coaching, etc.. I am also happy to share my knowledge and my personal experience on the topics of communication and feedback, as well as any other subject area we encounter throughout our collaboration.

Experience has shown that we will also identify topics from your professional life that carry over into you personal life. Within the framework of holistic coaching, such topics can be comprehensively considered and solved.

It is also important to me to approach things with a good sense of humor; I consider joint laughter to be one of the greatest way to deal with difficult situations.

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What My Customers Say

I wanted to say thanks for today’s great coaching session. It has already made a huge difference – it’s going much better.
Best, Wolfgang

Christine is a very attentive listener and always asks the right
questions, which helped me a lot with self-reflection and perceiving
myself and my surroundings more consciously. Her kind support assisted
me with how to find the right answers in challenging situations.“ – Edgar M.

“Mrs. Schickinger is an expert – solution-oriented and always constructive

“She thinks outside-of-the-box and approaches things directly

“She has the ability to empathize with various situations in order to support and motivate others”

“She has a pragmatic approach for every problem or question, she listensobserves, and asks the right questions—all of which with a lot of empathy